Learning Arabic language can be difficult for non-native speakers, at ILB Arabic school we have made it easy and interesting using our excellent methods of teaching.

Class Description
Beginners A Lay the foundation with an introduction to Arabic letters and language, along with blending techniques.
Beginners B Delve deeper into Arabic basics and enhance letter blending skills, while also memorizing the 1st Hizb.
Intermediate A Explore Qur’an & Tajweed, Arabic language, Fiqh, and Tawheed, nurturing a well-rounded Islamic education.
Intermediate B Further advance in Qur’anic studies, Arabic, Fiqh, and Tawheed, building a stronger connection with the faith.
Advance/Tahfeedh Immerse in intensive Qur’an and Tajweed studies, alongside deepening understanding of Arabic, Fiqh, and Tawheed.
Intensive Tahfeez Dedicated program focusing on Qur’an memorization and Tajweed, supplemented by comprehensive Arabic, Fiqh, and Tawheed studies.

Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and education tailored to your child’s level and needs. Choose the class that aligns with your child’s aspirations and join us in fostering a profound connection with Islam.

For detailed information about each class and its curriculum, please feel free to contact us at 080100977662 or

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