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Welcome to ILB Arabic School


Welcome to ILB Arabic School, a distinguished institution dedicated to providing high-quality Arabic and Quranic education. Discover our rich heritage, experienced faculty, and commitment to fostering a deep understanding of Islamic studies.

Learn more about our values, curriculum, and the transformative journey that awaits your child.

Our Mission

At ILB Arabic School, our mission is to cultivate a profound connection with Islamic knowledge through expert Arabic and Quranic education.

We are committed to nurturing young minds, fostering a holistic understanding of Islam’s principles, language, and teachings.

Our Vision

ILB Arabic School envisions a future where every student embraces the beauty of Arabic language and Quranic teachings.

Our vision is to be a cornerstone of excellence in Islamic education, fostering a generation that not only possesses profound knowledge but also embodies the values of compassion, integrity, and spiritual growth.

Our Values

Discover the core values that define ILB Arabic School – a place where education and faith converge.

Our values of knowledge, integrity, compassion, and community drive our commitment to providing exceptional Arabic and Quranic education.

Our Teachers

Native Arabic speakers

Relevant qualifications in Arabic language

Years of experience in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers

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